Official refreshments at River fun beach resort_group photo

Official Retreat Event 2024

April 6th and 7th, 2024 (before 11 am)

River Fun Beach Resort, Kuringhat

Adventure sports including Ziplining (above Trishuli River), Canopy Walk, Rope Cycling, Speed Motor Boating, Rafting, Wall Climbing, and many more are popular at River Fun Beach Resort. Situated in Buttar, Kurnighat (100 km from Kathmandu, way to Pokhara), near the Manakamana cable car stations, this resort is a true jewel that perfectly blends luxury, lush greenery, adventure and relaxation. So, this was the main rationale behind our decision to host our formal retreat here on April 6 and 7, 2024.
Moreover, the retreat’s main objective was not just relaxation but also a range of stimulating activities destined for team building and personal growth.

Day 1 - 6th April

We departed from the office promptly at 10:30 am to start our journey. As we drove towards Malekhu for a substantial breakfast, everyone was in a good mood, which created the ideal atmosphere for the day. At about 2:15 pm, we arrived at the gorgeous River Fun Beach Resort, eager to relax and start the retreat experience.

After a brief rest, we had a fantastic meal at the resort. Discovering that the temperature in that place was boiling compared to Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur, we took a refreshing bath in the swimming pool to beat the heat, which instantly reenergized us.

In the afternoon time, the office organized some entertaining games. Initially, we kicked things off with “Untie the Knot” where pairs will compete with each other to free the knots quicker than other teams, knots being untied previously.

Also, we played another exciting game i.e. “Lava Walk” in which the person wasn’t allowed to walk barefoot (as there is supposed to be Lava on the ground) but slippers passed by their team. So, the team who reached the marked line will win this game. In addition, we played other games as well. Can’t remember right now ….

As evening approached, some of our colleagues couldn’t resist playing beach volleyball and enjoying the sandy court and friendly rivalry. Furthermore, we went for a leisurely stroll as dusk was drawing near, enjoying the fresh air and taking lovely pictures to capture our good memories.

Eventually, we took a meal at around 8 pm. After that, we had a fun DJ dance party, ending our day with a high note.

Games we played -

  • Untie the Knot
  • Lava Walk
  • Other fun activities.

Day 2 - 7th April

On the second day, April 7th, we began our day with the perfect sunrise and some reflections of that sunrise in the beautiful garden of River Fun Beach Resort, which solely revitalized us for the adventures ahead.

Then, we had a delicious breakfast at 8.30 am, preparing us for some thrilling activities that we were going to do in just a few moments. We tried canopy walking, rope cycling, and Wall climbing, and it was much incredible experience!

Adding another layer of adventure, we experienced a powerful speed motorboat sailing across the surface of Trishuli River; the wind in our hair and the sound of the engine roaring gave us a perfect feeling.

After that, we were also ready for the main event (around 11 am), our next adventure i.e. rafting on the Trishuli River. Trishuli River is famous for its blend of calm waters and exciting rapids. On our rafting journey, we also experienced stunning landscapes of lush greenery and towering cliffs.

After we reached midway through our journey, we had a delicious lunch right by the riverside. Next, we continued our rafting journey, facing the rapids with teamwork and enthusiasm, thereby creating beautiful memories along the way.

As the sun had already begun to set, and we were also running a bit late for our departure, we wrapped up the rafting at around 3.30 pm. Thereafter, we quickly regrouped, packed our bags, and said goodbye to the River Fun Beach Resort, the resort that filled our souls with amazing memories.

Our Rafting Experience and more:

Wrapping up:

Summing up everything, our retreat at River Fun Beach Resort was a rejuvenating experience that helped to reinforce our bond as a team; it was more than just a vacation from work. In addition, it was really a memorable event because it included learning, adventure, and relaxation. Aside from unforgettable memories, we also had a fresh sense of purpose and motivation toward our work. Similarly, we hope to have more meaningful experiences like this in the future as well.