Diagonal FEST 2023

The Diagonal Fest 2023: Celebrating Creativity and Unity

July 21, 2023 (10.00 am)

Diagonal Premises

On July 21, 2023, Diagonal Technologies hosted “The Diagonal Fest” in honor of Bhanu Jayanti (although, formerly it was announced as “The Developer Poet Competition”). The Diagonal Fest 2023 was an exciting voyage of creativity and unity, not merely a competition.

Poetry that spoke to our hearts, funny jokes that made us laugh, and heartfelt melodies that made the whole audience feel good brought the stage to life. Each act was a testament to the boundless potential that resides within our team.

Event Preview

Excitement and anticipation -

We had a thrilling announcement that would set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Participants - Our candidates for this show

  • Mr. Chakra Timalsina
  • Mr. Devindra Gautam
  • Mr. Ayush Poudel
  • Mr. Pranay Bajracharya
  • Mr. Abhishek Pandey

Anchor - Our charismatic and talented host

  • Mr. Sandip Shiwakoti

Itinerary of the Event

  1. Ice Breaker Activity: Let’s break the ice and build connections in a fun and interactive way.
  2. Opening Speech: A moment to inspire and set the stage of creativity and unity.
  3. First Performer: Our first performer, enthralling us with his talent
  4. Second Performer: Captivating the audience with his exceptional skill
  5. Quiz Challenge: Engage your brain in a thrilling quiz challenge that promises to keep you on your toes.
  6. Third Performer: Dazzling the crowd with his remarkable abilities.
  7. Employee of the Month (EOM) Recognition: A special segment to celebrate our outstanding team members.
  8. Fourth performer: Enchanting everyone with his impressive performance.
  9. Promotion Announcement: Celebrating a well-deserved step forward in career journey.
  10. Fifth performer: Mesmerizing the audience with their extraordinary talents.
  11. Prize Distribution: A delightful moment to acknowledge the winners.
  12. Farewell Program: A Heartfelt Goodbye and Best Wishes.

Importance of Participation

  • Mandatory Attendance: Your presence is mandatory for this important event, and we need each one of you to be there to make it a resounding success.
  • Boosting Morale: The event is a celebration of the exceptional talents within our team, and your participation and support are invaluable.
  • Fostering Creativity and Unity: Your presence will not only boost the morale of the contestants but also create an encouraging and vibrant atmosphere that fosters creativity and unity.
  • EOM Attendance Rule: If the nominees for the “Employee of the Month” are unable to attend the program, the award will be considered collapsed for that particular month, starting from now onwards.

Wrapping up:

To sum up this event, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Diagonal Technologies, for conducting such kind of event for the first time, and making the Diagonal Fest much successful with an unforgettable celebration. Moreover,  we would like to extend the gratitude to our enthusiastic audience, whose applause and encouragement brought an electrifying atmosphere to the event—without them, we couldn’t imagine this success!